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Submersible cable, Multi core, CAT-5e, Cat-6 cable etc.

We are always open to cater our best services for Industrial Piping Products.

Its Growth has contributed to the industrialization & has participated in numerous transmission and distribution projects, meeting the most stringent technical standards and supply requirements & are still looking forward for continuous growth and improvement of its business processes. Protons cable is proud of our rigorous quality control system. It ensures the highest quality standard for our end products from its entire supply chain management by keeping its testing results for possible traceability.

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We have a fully equipped testing laboratory, we Spectro analyze the input molten copper for its purity, carry out tensile, elongation, wire wrap test and conductivity as required by various International Standards and specification or Special Customer’s demands. In addition, protons are highly experience personnel carry out many other online tests at each stage of production to eliminate any product defect.

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We apply our extensive knowledge and front-line industry & day-to-day realities of this kind of work to create durable, uniform and outfitting solutions that can take a beating a weather well so that our clients can always be assured of a professional business image for their front-line staff.

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